Beautiful Package


Immerse yourself in the Beautiful Package at Dusita Spa, designed to refresh and nourish your entire body. This luxurious treatment includes a deep cleansing body scrub (30 mins), a soothing body clay mask (30 mins), our signature body cream massage (60 mins), and a collagen valet expert facial massage (60 mins). Priced at 4000 THB, the Beautiful Package offers you a chance to pamper your body and elevate your well-being, ensuring that you leave the spa feeling revitalized and more radiant than ever before.


    The Beautiful Package at Dusita Spa is the ultimate experience for guests seeking a comprehensive spa retreat. Each element of this package is carefully curated to attend to different aspects of your skin’s needs, allowing you to emerge with a renewed sense of vitality and a true glow. For 4000 THB, this indulgent package promises to pamper from head to toe, providing an unparalleled relaxation experience.

    Your treatment begins with a deep cleansing body scrub (30 mins), designed to exfoliate and revitalize the skin. Our skilled therapists utilize a blend of premium ingredients and traditional techniques to gently remove dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, smoother surface underneath. This invigorating body scrub not only enhances your skin’s appearance but also stimulates circulation and promotes overall wellness.

    Following the body scrub, you’ll be treated to a soothing body clay mask (30 mins). This therapeutic mask is formulated with mineral-rich clay and other natural ingredients to purify and detoxify the skin. As the mask works its magic, it absorbs impurities and excess oils, leaving you with a rejuvenated, firmer, and more supple complexion. The body clay mask also helps improve skin elasticity and supports skin regeneration for a youthful glow.

    Next, unwind with our signature body cream massage (60 mins). This full-body massage features a rich, nourishing cream that locks in moisture and promotes deep relaxation. Our expert therapists skilfully employ a combination of massage techniques to release tension and stress from your muscles, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy the pampering. This blissful massage is perfect for those looking to restore balance to their body and mind.

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