Deep Tissue Body Massage


The Dusita Deep Tissue Body Massage, also known as Sports Massage, is designed to target the deeper layers of muscle tissue and works to relieve tired muscles through strong pressure and deep massage techniques. This 120-minute treatment releases harmful toxins from the muscle tissue, promotes oxygen flow, and increases blood circulation, while easing joint tension. The skilled therapists at Dusita Spa utilize their forearms and elbows alongside essential oils in delivering this invigorating massage.


    Dusita Spa’s Deep Tissue Body Massage offers guests the opportunity to effectively alleviate muscle fatigue and built-up tension. Over time, physical activities and daily stressors can lead to overstrained and tired muscles, affecting both your wellbeing and ability to perform at your best. With a strong emphasis on targeting the deeper layers of muscle tissue, our 120-minute treatment is tailored to reducing muscle stiffness and providing relief.

    A key characteristic of this massage is the level of pressure applied in conjunction with deep massage techniques. This focused approach serves to release toxins accumulated within the muscle tissue, while simultaneously relieving sore and tired muscles. The carefully selected essential oils used during your massage session not only enhance the overall sensory experience but also contribute to the healing process.

    At Dusita Spa, our highly trained therapists understand the importance of proper technique in ensuring optimal results from your deep tissue massage. As such, they skillfully incorporate the use of their forearms and elbows, allowing for a more robust and thorough massage. Those seeking enhanced mobility will benefit from the increased oxygen flow and improved blood circulation that this massage offers, in addition to easing joint tension.

    Choosing the Deep Tissue Body Massage at Dusita Spa in Koh Samui means taking the first step towards a revitalized sense of wellbeing. Whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking relief from chronic muscle discomfort, our team is committed to providing you with an effective treatment tailored to your needs. Book your 120-minute Deep Tissue Body Massage for 1,800 THB and discover a renewed sense of vitality.

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