Full Arms Waxing


Dusita Spa in Koh Samui offers full arms waxing services to provide you with ultra-smooth skin and a refined appearance. Our professional therapists employ high-quality waxes and safe procedures to ensure a gentle, effective, and long-lasting hair removal experience. Enjoy the confidence and comfort that comes with silky, hair-free arms, without the hassle of shaving or the pain of ingrown hairs. Make an appointment at Dusita Spa for our full arms waxing treatment and flaunt your soft, smooth, and hairless arms with pride.


    At Dusita Spa, our full arms waxing service is designed for those seeking a comprehensive hair removal solution for their arms. Our skilled therapists use top-notch waxes and sterilized equipment to minimize discomfort and ensure maximum satisfaction. The treatment begins with a thorough skin evaluation, identifying any sensitivities or allergies before selecting the most appropriate wax. This personalized approach ensures a gentle and effective waxing process tailored to your individual skin type.

    Throughout the full arms waxing treatment, our attentive therapists meticulously apply wax from the shoulder to the wrist, ensuring every strand of hair is carefully removed. We take utmost care to maintain a comfortable temperature of the wax and adopt the proper waxing technique to minimize pain, redness, and irritation. After the hair removal process is complete, we provide soothing post-wax care, applying calming and cooling lotions onto the skin to alleviate any stress and discomfort.

    n addition to the immediate benefit of hair-free arms, our full arms waxing treatment offers long-lasting effects. Typically, the hair growth slows down and becomes finer after multiple waxing sessions, meaning the treatment results can last four to six weeks. Moreover, regular waxing can mitigate the occurrence of ingrown hairs and skin irritation, which are common with shaving or other hair removal methods.

    Visit Dusita Spa in Koh Samui and enjoy the many advantages of our full arms waxing service. Embrace smooth, touchable skin and a fresh, polished appearance, without resorting to the daily grind of shaving. Our professional therapists are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and comfort from beginning to end. Book your appointment today and transform your arms with our exceptional waxing treatment – you deserve the best.

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