Hair Coloring (Three times bleach)


At Dusita Spa, our hair coloring service offers a transformative journey for your tresses with our three times bleach process. Our skilled stylists customize each treatment to highlight your unique features and personality. We use only high-quality products, ensuring vibrant color and healthy hair. Characterized by attention to detail and artistry, our hair coloring process delivers stunning results in a serene setting. Elevate your style and confidence with a fresh, chic look that showcases your individuality, achieved through our exceptional hair coloring expertise.


    Dusita Spa’s hair coloring process is designed to bring out the best in your tresses, ensuring stunning and long-lasting results. Our three times bleach process promises vibrant, consistent color throughout your hair. Our expert stylists strategically apply the bleach to achieve your desired shade, always considering your natural hair color, texture, and face shape. This calculated approach results in a harmonious and flattering transformation, tailored to your unique features.

    To ensure the utmost care and consideration for your hair health, Dusita Spa uses only top-quality hair color products. Our skilled stylists choose these products very carefully, with safety and performance as top priorities. During the three times bleach process, we take care to avoid over-processing and the resulting potential damage. Consequently, our careful techniques will leave your hair looking and feeling healthier and more vibrant than before the treatment.

    The ambiance at Dusita Spa promotes relaxation, allowing you to feel at ease as you undergo your hair coloring journey. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere, paired with our expert stylists’ attentive service, creates a sense of serenity and comfort. Trust that our talented stylists have your best interests at heart, as they take the time to discuss your desired outcome and offer professional advice on how to achieve your dream hair color.

    Allow yourself the opportunity to transform your look and enhance your confidence with our exceptional hair coloring service. The benefits extend far beyond changing your hair color; it is an opportunity for self-expression, accentuating your personal style, and showcasing your unique character. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority at Dusita Spa. Our dedicated, professional team of stylists works diligently to ensure you leave our spa feeling refreshed, beautiful, and confident. Trust in Dusita Spa’s expertise to provide you a stunning hair transformation that captures your individuality and elevates your overall appearance.

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