OPI Polish


Dusita Spa offers professional OPI polish services for both hands and feet, ensuring stunning, long-lasting color for all occasions. Our highly skilled nail technicians use the high-quality OPI polish range, which is widely recognized for exceptional durability and vibrant pigmentation. Benefit from a large selection of fashionable shades, from understated elegance to bold, vibrant tones. Allow yourself to enjoy the satisfaction of immaculate nails, as our experts take the time to thoroughly prep and perfect your hands and feet, resulting in salon-worthy polish that stays flawless for weeks.


    At Dusita Spa, our OPI polish treatment is designed to cater to each individual’s unique preferences and guarantee stunning, long-lasting nails. Our professional nail technicians begin by carefully examining the client’s hands and feet, addressing any concerns, and ensuring they receive an exceptional treatment tailored to their specific requests.

    One of the critical aspects of our OPI polish treatment is nail preparation. Our skilled technicians will cleanse and shape the nails to match the desired form, carefully tending to the cuticles and buffing the nail surface to ensure the perfect canvas for polish application. A nurturing base coat is applied before the chosen color, providing nail strength and preventing damage or staining.

    With an extensive variety of on-trend OPI polish shades, we take pride in offering our clients an incredible selection of colors, from classic neutrals to attention-grabbing hues. Whether you prefer an elegant nude, a chic pastel, or a vivacious pop of color, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the ideal shade for your style and occasion. OPI is renowned for its rich, pigmented color and outstanding durability, ensuring our clients leave with picture-perfect nails that maintain their refined appearance for extended periods.

    At Dusita Spa, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a meticulous OPI polish service that unites rigorous attention to detail with the calm, soothing atmosphere of our luxurious spa setting. To ensure a long-lasting and chip-resistant finish, our nail specialists apply an additional protective topcoat, sealing in the chosen color and extending the life of the treatment. By selecting Dusita Spa for your OPI polish needs, expect an individualized, attentive service that leaves you with impeccably polished nails and a heightened sense of self-confidence, ready to take on the world.

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